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Window 10 CompatibleWith simple operation and powerful functions, coursemaker 5.0 knowledge maker is a new micro course production and application software created by Chongqing Mengyi Education Technology Co., Ltd. Features: 1. Similar to office powerpoint style, easy to operate. It not only has the powerful function of non programming software, but also fully considers the simplicity of users' operation; 2. Support the placement of micro class materials in various formats, and make PPT, video recording, handwriting, interactive and other types of micro classes; 3. Support the access of multiple handwriting devices; 4. Micro class making and application software that can realize exercise interaction. Coursemaker 5.0 perfectly balances the ease of use and functionality of the product to realize the interactive micro class "everyone can do it, everyone can do it, and do it every minute". It is the best micro class making software in China.

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